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Hi everyone in my OT community.

You may have recently noticed that I have decided to stop using all social media.

There are a number of reasons for this .....I was finding not just privacy issues can be compromised but it can consume so much time and not be conducive to good and stable mental health I believe overall - that's just my personal journey and experience - as an OT I like to promote actually 'being engaged with purpose', hence wanting to start a blog, so that I could share with you the new developments I have been involved with in addition to any speaking events I involve myself in, share what I learn to a wider audience and share updated business developments.

I woke up very early this morning to catch a webinar on 'Interospection' - the eight sensory system..It was a fabulous informative opportunity presented by Kelly Mahler (OTR/L) from the Star Institute for Sensory Processing, Colorado. Many great interventions to assist with self regulation of emotions and internal systems such as bladder and hunger......I do think that many of my clients will benefit from what I have learnt.

Next weekend I will be presenting at the ADHD Conference on the Sunshine Coast 19-20th October on SPD and the 'Alert Program'- by Shelley Shellenberger and Mary Sue Williams.

Finally, I am co-authoring a book with my sister, Ali Strachan called 'My Friend with SPD' - planning to published by Christmas time.

As a therapist, I wanted to be clear that my blog while containing many good therapy tips, is from my own personal and professional opinion.

Each child and family is an individual so I strongly recommend obtaining individualised assessments prior to implementing strategies or treatment regimes.

At times, I will be sharing my experiences as a regular person and therapist.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

Deb :)

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