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The DB Therapy Family is Expanding in 2021

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since I've written a blog, so I felt the need to write a few words to tell you why I am expanding my business this year.

For many years, I have been blessed to be a therapist in demand. Despite this being a great thing, it has also been challenging as trying to meet the needs of an increasing number of referrals has seen me close my books many times.

I have employed therapists for brief periods of time too and that always seems to be the way things go - as soon as your child and you get use to someone new, they leave.

Because of this, I have been very reluctant to employ therapists as consistency is key for successful relationships and therapy progress.

Over the past two years, the growing demand for OT's has skyrocketed and it has become increasingly difficult for me to manage a very busy caseload while saying No to many families who need therapy and support.

Late last year, I said to myself - ENOUGH - I felt a calling to expand but I had to meet the right people to do this.

As we say, it takes a village to raise a child - well it takes an amazing team to build a amazing company.

I pride myself on my therapy and the relationships I have built over the 20 years I have been a private practitioner.

Saying this, only the best framework for therapy would work so when my life journey brought me across my beautiful partner Sarah and her family, then I knew that I had the right people to expand.

In March we will be expanding to include home visiting/therapy with new OTs joining our family.

When I talk about our family, that is what you all are and our new therapists are......Part of the DB Therapy Family. That is why our team will be around for the long haul -

not taking off when you get comfortable - I couldn't offer that service.

So we invite you all, to join us on this journey as we expand to meet the community's need.

Thank you

More blogs to come


Founding Owner and Lead Therapy Consultant

Oh, that's me.....having some swinging fun in nature

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