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Are we there yet??

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

I am sure we are all struggling with keeping our engine's 'just right' as the last half of the term continues.

Some handy hints

1. cold showers in the morning (warm shower to wash and then a quick burst 5-10 seconds is all that is needed) - will get your child to a 'just right' place quicker than you can say 'Christmas'.....believe me it works..or a dip in the pool - make sure they can swim of course

2. reward effort and look at what fun things to look forward to over the holidays

reinforce - work=reward

3. have a balance and have some chill time

4. ensure the weekends are used to re-boot you engines and your child's

5. A calendar which they can mark off days done

6. Breathe :)

Miss Deb re-booting her engine

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