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Woosh......Interesting SPD facts

How can it be that is now just past half way in term one??

The time seems to fly by and my apologies in not writing a blog earlier.

I was speaking to a Psychologist this week who informed me that some of the research that is coming out recently indicates that.....wait for it......

In ONE WEEK we experience the SAME amount of SENSORY input that a person born in the earlier 1900's/pre technology would experience in a LIFETIME!!!

No wonder there is a rise in the number of children and adults with Sensory Processing Difficulties (SPD).

Depression too has become the number one cause of mortality passing Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Depression is also strongly correlated to the use of TECHNOLOGY and SOCIAL MEDIA...

So the take home message is - let's get off our screens and get moving and becoming ACTIVE participants in our lives rather than passive observers.....

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