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We are your local friendly Occupational Therapy team, located North Brisbane.

Deb Bone
Deb Bone - Director & Principal Therapist

Deb has been an Occupational therapist for over 31 years and is passionate about helping people throughout their journey, and truly changing their lives.  She has always been fascinated by the human body and brain, and how they work.  After studying Occupational Therapy at the University of Queensland, Deb moved to the UK and enjoyed working out in the community, adapting home environments for the elderly.  The highlight of her early career was moving to the US and finding her passion and natural skill for working with children, and in particular within the sensory processing field.  Some five years later, when back in Australia, Deb realised that she needed to build her own private practice, and that we are a long way behind the US in terms of intervention, education, and environment adaptations for children on the spectrum.  Deb is so grateful for her success in her private practice and will continue to strive towards her dream of making big changes to Australians' homes, classrooms and local communities.  In her free time, Deb enjoys spending time with her beloved Furkids, Waffles and Baby Bear. Deb also loves to travel, go four-wheel-driving, swim, watch movies, garden, watch sunsets, potter at home, and loves catching up with her family and friends. 

Maddie Connor
Madeliene Connor - Occupational Therapist 

Maddie is grateful to be part of the DB Therapy family to pursue her passion for working with children and their families. Maddie loves that Occupational Therapy is a uniquely situated profession that builds children up to flourish and to help them to do amazing things with their lives. Maddie believes the best part of her job is using fun, mess and play to help kids achieve their goals.

Maddie graduated from the Australian Catholic University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy and First Class Honours. After graduating, Maddie worked in community-based private practice roles with children and adults from many different walks of life. Maddie has been privileged to build her knowledge and skills in working with children who have trauma, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Disorders, Sensory Processing Disorder and many other conditions. Maddie is looking forward to further specialising her skills in these areas under Deb’s guidance to deliver a great quality service.  

Outside of work, Maddie loves spending time with her family and two cats – Eddie and Bobby. Maddie also enjoys painting, playing board games with her friends, cooking and making barista quality coffees. 

Tania Lavelle
Tania Lavelle - Occupational Therapist 

Tania is excited to be part of the DB Therapy family as she has a particular interest and passion in working with children and their families. She was first introduced to the world of Occupational Therapy when her nephew was diagnosed with ASD some 17 years ago and after having observed him participate in therapy with Deb Bone, Tania was inspired to become an Occupational Therapist. Tania completed her Occupational Therapy degree, as a mature aged student, at the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2012. Upon completion of her degree, she moved to Melbourne to work at Monash Community Health, working with elderly clients and their families. She then returned to the Sunshine Coast and worked for Queensland Health, again working with elderly clients and their families. Tania has always had a desire to be able to work with children and their families to assist them in reaching their goals. Tania loves learning new skills and in preparation for working with children, she has completed paediatric professional development courses to upskill herself in this area. She is looking forward to further developing her paediatric Occupational Therapy skills under Deb’s guidance to deliver a great quality service.
Outside of work, Tania enjoys spending time with her family including her 8
grandchildren. She also enjoys gardening, cooking and playing with her dog, Roxy.

Dayna Clough - Occupational Therapist 

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